Baked Apple & Pumpkin Seed Crumble

Well, it’s finally Autumn now! I’ve also finally finished writing up this recipe, which I know a few of you have eagerly been waiting for. So here it is! I especially love cooking and baking with seasonal food, and this recipe is a new favourite to include two lovely Autumn foods: apples & pumpkin seeds! Continue reading “Baked Apple & Pumpkin Seed Crumble”


Healthy Protein Energy Bites

Energy Bites. Truly, the perfect Mom-food. I’m always hungry. And not just because we are Vegetarian and generally eat lighter meals, but because I’m always running around chasing these kids of mine, and because I am also tandem breastfeeding a nearly 3 year old and 1 year old, at the time of writing this recipe. So my energy requirements are through the roof most days. I feel like I never stop eating! I just started making these energy bites this past week though, and am kicking myself for not trying them years ago. They are so good, and quite healthy, full of more seeds than even a bird would eat. But you can’t tell, because they are actually delicious. Only sweetened with raw honey, and containing oats, a nut butter, and all those seeds, they truly stay with you for awhile. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I am! We are seriously hooked over here. Continue reading “Healthy Protein Energy Bites”

Healthy Vegan Oatmeal Cookies

Because the world needs more guilt-free desserts, right? This is my GO TO recipe. I love it so much. And it’s a treat I don’t feel bad giving to my toddler either! Because no conventional sugar. Only sweetened by fruit and raw maple syrup or honey (obviously the latter choice won’t make it Vegan anymore, but either works well in the recipe, just FYI). It does use a bit of flour to help pull the whole recipe together, but you can use whatever kind of flour you like to easily make it gluten-free too.  Continue reading “Healthy Vegan Oatmeal Cookies”

Vegan Banana Bread


Banana Bread! Easy to make, and even easier to make Vegan. This recipe is super simple, and I try to make it a bit healthier too, even though it’s really more of a dessert. :) I like to make it with coconut oil and coconut sugar (rather than just generic brown sugar) for a healthier option. Don’t skip on the Cinnamon either, as that really makes the recipe. And Walnuts are my add-in of choice too, though any add-ins are totally optional.

Continue reading “Vegan Banana Bread”

Simple Crockpot Pasta & Veggies


This recipe is super quick, and works both in a Crockpot or in a large pot on the stove with a medium heat, if watched closely. I’ve made it both ways successfully. The flavour is amazing! But the best part is probably the quick cleanup, since it’s really just chopping everything up and throwing it in. It’s a filling, affordable meal to incorporate into your rotation of recipes. And you can easily make this Gluten-Free by using a rice noodle if desired. I’ve also made this recipe with both spaghetti/linguine style noodles and rotini/penne noodles as well. Really any type of pasta works! It’s quite an adaptable little recipe. Also, I do have to say I prefer this recipe with fresh herbs over dried. So I recommend finding them fresh if you can! Continue reading “Simple Crockpot Pasta & Veggies”