Baked Apple & Pumpkin Seed Crumble

Well, it’s finally Autumn now! I’ve also finally finished writing up this recipe, which I know a few of you have eagerly been waiting for. So here it is! I especially love cooking and baking with seasonal food, and this recipe is a new favourite to include two lovely Autumn foods: apples & pumpkin seeds! Continue reading “Baked Apple & Pumpkin Seed Crumble”


September Journal

This month has been so busy, and honestly I’m sitting here surprised that I’m writing another journal again already. And it’s even a bit late at that! We are all sick with sore throats/stuffy noses/fevers, we’re out of groceries, out of toilet paper, and we have a random fruit fly infestation numbering in the hundreds. Fun times. Don’t worry though, my in-laws showed up and saved the day! And now I am trying to finish this up and just hit ‘publish’ for you all. It’s been a very full month, full of birthdays, traveling, always more studying, and also some exciting and unexpected news: We’re suddenly moving to a house! Continue reading “September Journal”

Summer: Bringing It All Home

Here at the end of Summertime, Margot turns 3 years old and Cassian has turned 1 year old. And as we’ve really settled into our new roles as a family and grown past that first year of infancy, I’ve sensed a new era about to dawn upon our small family. Cassian is growing more and more able to participate in things, and Margot is eager for more learning and discovery. Thus begins my exploration of what type of learning and education best fits us. If you know me at all, it’s going to be unique and nature-based of course, but it still will need to have a bit more definition than just that too.

Continue reading “Summer: Bringing It All Home”

Summer: Wildcrafting Herbs

As this Summertime season draws to a close, my heart is full at the abundance we have gathered into our home and hearts. I’ve been studying and using herbs for nearly three years now, but have been largely limited to simply reading and using herbal shop supplies, due to pregnancy, exhausted early motherhood, and the busyness of moving overseas to a new country. This is the first Summer that I’ve been quietly in one place, and able to watch the season slowly unfold around me with appreciation and wonder.  Continue reading “Summer: Wildcrafting Herbs”

Summer: in the Garden

So much of what drives me to write my Little Woodlanders series is to demonstrate how one can make a whole lot out of even just a little. I may not be able to afford spending $12,000/year to send my kids to a Waldorf school or Forest School or some other nifty, alternative form of education with an emphasis on the outdoors. I may not be able to afford all the artisan, handcrafted items, clothes, and toys that lend to a high profile blogger/Instagram worthy aesthetic. I may not have my own property and small homesteading set-up with a lush garden and a collection of cute but smelly farm animals. I may not already have the knowledge or skills to make, prepare, and preform so many things to give my kids a full, wholesome upbringing. I’ll tell you what I do have though.  Continue reading “Summer: in the Garden”