Little Woodlanders

Living on the edge of a Hungarian forest with my two small children, Little Woodlanders is a seasonal retelling of our journey into holistic, nature-based childhood learning, written here following the rhythm of the year and shared with the turn of each season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter…

Our approach to learning is quite varied, suiting our exact needs and personalities. Largely drawing from nature-based learning philosophies, I am most strongly inspired from the Charlotte Mason educational approach and just a bit of Forest Schooling too. We’re outdoors as much as possible: listening, learning, and living in rhythm with the season and cycle of the year.

Our Christian faith is also deeply intertwined with the rhythm of the year as we are exploring the traditional Church calendar as a family, following the cycle of the Christian year. There’s so much richness to discover within Church tradition, as we remember and walk through the life of Christ, and participate in the many feasts, fasts, and saint-days scattered throughout the year. The vivid relevance of the living church of Christ becomes more and more apparent as we join in the various traditions that so many have been practicing throughout history.

To be honest, I am a total beginner at most of this. I have so much to learn! I’m simply implementing things as I learn and study for myself, just sharing about our journey together as a family. My little ones are only one year old and three years old, so I’ve not written much yet, since we’ve only just begun down this path really. But my plan is to write through our continued journey, and categorize by both age and the season of the year for your reading. I hope you enjoy following along with us!