Holistic Christian Herbalism :
Studying herbal properties, actions, preparations, & traditional use.

Three years ago, my journey into herbalism began out of a desire to care for my family from a holistic, natural-minded approach. I’m been formally studying at the Herbal Academy International School of Herbal Arts & Sciences ever since, deeply appreciating their guidance in my education.

I’ve discovered one of my greatest passions in these past few years, and I’m excited to start sharing about living as unhindered, fully holistic a life as possible using these growing, leafy gifts to be found in God’s Creation. Writing from a Christian perspective, I am weaving together a practice of holistic folk herbalism deeply rooted in a love for God and care over His Creation, using all that He has provided for our own health and wellness.

I’m a tired mom of two little ones, but I am extremely dedicated to this subject, constantly studying and sharing here as much as I am able. I hope you enjoy my writings here, as I’ve poured my heart and soul into them.
Explore some of the topics below to start your own herbal studies!