Snow Day, Snow Play

This has been one truly long, bleak winter for us. But finally during these last few weeks of the season, we received a beautiful, thick blanket of snow, with a steady dusting reapplied each night and then discovered every morning. Our first snow day was quite lovely and picturesque even, so I thought I’d write a bit here to share with you all about our quiet winter day together. Continue reading “Snow Day, Snow Play”


Fairytale Tower: A Surprise Adventure in the Forest

As a mother, one of my greatest goals is to preserve the wonder and enchantment of early childhood. Children are so fresh and vibrant, open to suggestion and endlessly imaginative. I love giving small prompts and watching things be carried far beyond my first sentence or two. Yesterday, a glance ahead between the trees revealed just such an opportunity. An unexpected locale was ahead of us, just out of sight of the little ones, but a ripe opportunity for setting the scene of an adventure in their eyes. A quiet, brisk walk in grey-brown woods turned into a quest with a fairytale fortress at the end, likely offering up breathtaking views from atop its great height. Continue reading “Fairytale Tower: A Surprise Adventure in the Forest”

Hungarian Christmas Market

There’s nothing quite like visiting a European Christmas Market. A true highlight of the season. Christmas in Hungary just isn’t complete without at least a few visits down to the historic center of your town for a stroll through the streets, taking in all the festive sights, sounds, and delights.

Continue reading “Hungarian Christmas Market”

Preparing for Christmas: a New Home with New Memories

There’s nothing quite like Christmas time approaching to fill a new house with warmth and mindful activity, that special something that transforms a simple “house” into so much more: a home. A recent move clearly marks new beginnings, but what’s more, it can represent the shift in a family arriving further and deeper into their own story and family identity. That’s what it’s been for us. These past few years since Taylor and I have been married, each Christmas has been in a different place. Stability only to be found in our faith in God and in our family’s love and care for each other. Continue reading “Preparing for Christmas: a New Home with New Memories”

Advent: Awaiting Christ as a Family

We’ve loosely celebrated Advent in previous years, but this is the first year that we are observing it properly it seems. Advent is the eager anticipation of Christ Jesus come down, His incarnation in to the world, God made accessible and relatable and so very present in our lives.

Each year, the four weeks leading up to Christmas day have been used as a time for meditating on His coming, through various traditions and practices. There’s nothing quite like having children to move you to instill a sense of reverence in them and of the way God moves in the world and in relationship with humankind. Each day you wake up hoping you can raise them right, and I’ve been finding that following the historic church calendar is one of the best ways to help children realise their place in Creation, history, and the Church as a whole. Continue reading “Advent: Awaiting Christ as a Family”