Fairytale Tower: A Surprise Adventure in the Forest

As a mother, one of my greatest goals is to preserve the wonder and enchantment of early childhood. Children are so fresh and vibrant, open to suggestion and endlessly imaginative. I love giving small prompts and watching things be carried far beyond my first sentence or two. Yesterday, a glance ahead between the trees revealed just such an opportunity. An unexpected locale was ahead of us, just out of sight of the little ones, but a ripe opportunity for setting the scene of an adventure in their eyes. A quiet, brisk walk in grey-brown woods turned into a quest with a fairytale fortress at the end, likely offering up breathtaking views from atop its great height. Continue reading “Fairytale Tower: A Surprise Adventure in the Forest”


One Early Morning in November

We woke up early that morning. It was a Saturday morning, which means nothing in particular when your kids are as little as this. Weekend or not, they rise when they wish.

“Helen, look outside.” my husband told me as he headed downstairs to let our dog Twig out. I lazily slid out of bed and crossed the room to pull back our thick, grey curtains which are supposed to block out all sunlight, giving me empty promises about my kids sleeping in later. I was greeted by the soft, cottony glow of sunrise through a fog descending upon our neighbourhood. My eyes widened in delight, and I felt a surprising spring in my step as I whirled around and called after Taylor, “Babe, let’s go on a foggy walk in the woods together!”  Continue reading “One Early Morning in November”

Beeswax-dipped Autumn Leaves

I remember the first time I saw beeswax-dipped autumn leaves, totally struck by the well known glory of those autumn colours so beautifully preserved. Perfection! Beeswax offers such a subtle protection for delicate, dying leaves, which would normally crumble and fully brown within a day or two. Instead, they can be carefully encased in a thin layer of beeswax, preserved within for up to several weeks. Their beauty and vivid colour can then be admired for much longer than we would normally be allowed. Read on to join us in our little forest adventure gathering leaves and taking them home to show you how to preserve them in beeswax and hang as a beautiful autumn garland! Continue reading “Beeswax-dipped Autumn Leaves”

Summer: Learning in the Wild

“It takes time—loose, unstructured dreamtime—to experience nature in a meaningful way.” – Last Child in the Woods

That quote circling through my mind, we set off into the wild… Well, our own version of the wild, that is. It’s certainly not the most remote place on earth, but this wooded hillside has its own quiet beauty that we enjoy daily. We spend as much time outside as our weekly rhythm allows for, beginning the slow trek up our side of the hill, through the overgrown meadows of wildflowers, until we finally arrive to the edge of the forest.  Continue reading “Summer: Learning in the Wild”

Spring: in the Forest

“It takes time —loose, unstructured dreamtime— to experience nature in a meaningful way.” – Last Child in the Woods

At least once a week, but usually much more often, we head into the forest. It’s about half a mile away from our apartment, and we absolutely adore living nearby to such a gorgeous landscape. The hillside we live on and the forest nearby is the very beginnings of a small mountain range here in Hungary. We love it so much, and intend to explore every bit of it. For now though, we only get as far as I dare venture out with such young kids. Continue reading “Spring: in the Forest”