Summer: Wildcrafting Herbs

As this Summertime season draws to a close, my heart is full at the abundance we have gathered into our home and hearts. I’ve been studying and using herbs for nearly three years now, but have been largely limited to simply reading and using herbal shop supplies, due to pregnancy, exhausted early motherhood, and the busyness of moving overseas to a new country. This is the first Summer that I’ve been quietly in one place, and able to watch the season slowly unfold around me with appreciation and wonder.  Continue reading “Summer: Wildcrafting Herbs”


Elderberries: Identification, Harvest, & Preservation

After harvesting Elderflowers earlier this Spring, I’ve been keeping a close eye on those same Elder trees growing nearby, eagerly watching the round berries appear, soften, and darken. There’s one tree in particular that gets lots of sunlight, so it has ripened a lot faster than I expected. I was able to fill my basket full of berries and bring them home for preserving the other day. Elderberry season is truly upon us now, in all its warm, ancient glory.  Continue reading “Elderberries: Identification, Harvest, & Preservation”

Spring: Wildcrafting Herbs

“Can we teach children to look at a flower and see all the things it represents: beauty, the health of an ecosystem, and the potential for healing? ”  – Last Child in the Woods

Continue reading “Spring: Wildcrafting Herbs”