Snow Day, Snow Play

This has been one truly long, bleak winter for us. But finally during these last few weeks of the season, we received a beautiful, thick blanket of snow, with a steady dusting reapplied each night and then discovered every morning. Our first snow day was quite lovely and picturesque even, so I thought I’d write a bit here to share with you all about our quiet winter day together.

The above photo is taken from just in front of my desk where I do my writing and studying, across the hall from our bedroom. I woke up that morning and spotted this breathtaking sight and knew we were in for a fun day together.

I rounded up the kids and we did our little dump-truck routine we made up, slowly backing down the staircase as Cassian is learning to use them safely, chanting “dump, dump” until we reach the bottom of the steps. We headed over to the window and surveyed the wondrous new world outside our door, as the ever falling snow continued to accumulate.

We ate breakfast and suited up as quickly as possible, which still takes at least 20 minutes or so with wrangling these two little ones and donning all required layers of clothing and coats. Soon enough, and while the snow was yet falling, we all finally stomped out the back door into the garden, each in a pair of big “squawky” boots as Margot refers to them.

The white, frozen world around us immediately entranced the kids, each of them staring around in wonder at the beauty of such an unexpected sight. Cassian’s only 1 and a half, so this was his first real experience with snow.

Soon enough though, Margot was stomping around loudly discussing her footprints, my footprints, your footprints, the dog’s footprints, the bird’s footprints, and then went on to make snow angels and Jesus-Crosses in the snow. Cassian tried his best to shuffle around in his thick rubber boots, but frequently fell over due to the depth of snow. He’d often just kind of lay there contentedly looking around as he waited for one of us to come and set him on his own two feet again. Silly boy.

The snow was the absolute ideal snowman-making material too. Taylor quickly set to building a snowman with Margot’s delighted helpfulness, as Cassian looked on impassively.

He turned out quite adorable, didn’t he? Margot absolutely loved the process and creation, while Cassian insisted on relieving the poor snowman of his arms over and over again.

The most precious moment of all though was after Margot stood by our little snowman in deep thought for awhile, and then declared that we all must circle round it, hold hands, dance, and sing the “Frosty the Snowman” song. Which we of course did. Who could resist such a sweet request?

After awhile longer in snow-play, everyone’s little fingers and toes were getting quite chilled, so we decided to return indoors for a rest.

I loved the photo below, our new snowman friend visible from the living room doors! Such a cute little wintery sight.

Once I had the kids settled on the couch under their crochet blankets and with our small fire-heater blazing, I put on that beloved classic, Frosty the Snowman, and Margot got her wish of thoroughly reviewing the official process of making a snowman and dancing around him in song. I then headed to the kitchen to make a quick batch of hot cocoa to warm their little selves from the inside out.

Our simple Hot Cocoa recipe:

Truly nothing fancy…

  • On the stove, gently heat ½ cup of milk of choice, with ½ cup of water. You can just use milk for the entire measuring cup, but I prefer to make a lighter hot cocoa for the kids, since they don’t drink much milk in general (aside from my own that is, ha!).
  • Add in one tablespoon of cocoa powder, a teaspoon or two of raw honey, a sprinkle of himalayan salt, and a tiny splash of vanilla extract.
  • Stir and enjoy! Hot Cocoa dribbles on the chin encouraged. ♥


Author: helen.wildrose

Christian • Herbalist • Writer • INFJ

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