One Early Morning in November

We woke up early that morning. It was a Saturday morning, which means nothing in particular when your kids are as little as this. Weekend or not, they rise when they wish.

“Helen, look outside.” my husband told me as he headed downstairs to let our dog Twig out. I lazily slid out of bed and crossed the room to pull back our thick, grey curtains which are supposed to block out all sunlight, giving me empty promises about my kids sleeping in later. I was greeted by the soft, cottony glow of sunrise through a fog descending upon our neighbourhood. My eyes widened in delight, and I felt a surprising spring in my step as I whirled around and called after Taylor, “Babe, let’s go on a foggy walk in the woods together!” 

Despite skipping breakfast, changing diapers as fast as we could, quickly locating and dressing ourselves with the necessary boots and jackets for this damp weather, and grabbing my camera, it still took us over 30 minutes to get out the door. Since breakfast would be much later, we decided to quickly stop by the bakery to get a Pogacsa for each of us. Truly a delightful Hungarian treat on cold mornings like this, the crusty, lightly cheese-covered bun warming your hands as you eat it.

When we started the drive up the hillside into the nearby forest, I sadly watched the fog starting to dissipate. By the time we arrived to the woodland edge and parked the car, it was fully gone. A bit disappointed of course, we were still fully intending to enjoy our time outdoors though, as it was only 7:30 in the morning, and we were all here together anyways, ready for a quiet morning walk- fog or no fog. We scampered off into the woods, heading down its leaf-covered trail.

As soon as our feet touch that path, Margot and Cassian have a knowing deep down. They know the goodness and revelry to be found on our way through the woods, and they know that they have the freedom to run ahead at will. So they quickly dash off with giggles of delight, chasing each other, crunching leaves, and sometimes separating off for solitary exploration.

Taylor ambles along after them usually, and I get caught up in trying to capture various moments and scenes with my camera, taking in all the sights and that soft, warm glow of morning’s first light.

I love capturing tiny details of plants and herbs, or gathering as much as possible into my lens, fitting in the largest stretch of the tall tree trunks and fading leaves canopying above, all the way down to the leaf-strewn path at my feet.

My favourite though is just trailing along quietly behind Margot’s ever more fascinating adventures out here in this wild stretch of land. I follow her as she quietly explores, or climbs, or crouches low, finding a variety of woodland treasures. A new game of ours is her proudly holding out her findings for me to document with a good photo.

On this particular morning, Margot was fascinated by the moss on a few logs and tree trunks, and she knelt down low in the leaves and shaped her own imaginative little nature-crafts. I love watching the way her fingers move with such determination and care.

Her intense focus as she works is heartwarming too. She made a little acorn cup of moss, and was quite distraught when the moss fell out at some point during our walk. She insisted on finding more to refill it at once.

This time I myself got a bit distracted once or twice, practicing my plant identification skills, finding Hawthorne, Wild Raspberries, and Rosehips. I plucked a few of the latter, which were perfectly ripe and so, so delicious.

Mornings like these together grant such simple, yet rich joy. The beauty of God’s creation on all sides. The quieting of our minds and hearts out in nature. The connection we feel to each other. The eagerness and radiance in my children’s faces above all. So much to be thankful for.

On our drive back home, we encountered a couple of beautiful sights. One, was this massive spider web that Taylor spotted while driving, due to being brilliant lit by the bright morning sunshine. We pulled over to the side of the road and I jumped out to take a few photos. Such an intricate, gorgeous design.

And as a closing gift on this special November morning together, we drove just a bit further than usual, finding a stunning lookout over the valley below. Which revealed where all that fog had gone too. At least we still got to enjoy it from a distance! Is there anything more gorgeous than late autumn colours lightly cloaked in fog?


Author: helen.wildrose

Christian • Herbalist • Writer • INFJ

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