September Journal

This month has been so busy, and honestly I’m sitting here surprised that I’m writing another journal again already. And it’s even a bit late at that! We are all sick with sore throats/stuffy noses/fevers, we’re out of groceries, out of toilet paper, and we have a random fruit fly infestation numbering in the hundreds. Fun times. Don’t worry though, my in-laws showed up and saved the day! And now I am trying to finish this up and just hit ‘publish’ for you all. It’s been a very full month, full of birthdays, traveling, always more studying, and also some exciting and unexpected news: We’re suddenly moving to a house!

It all happened over the course of a dramatic weekend. We’ve been aching deep down to move into an actual house for a long time now, wanting to spread out a bit, and most of all to have a small garden for growing things and for the kids to run around and play to their hearts content. We had planned to stay in our 800 sq foot 3rd story apartment here for several years, which functions as both a home to us four and as our office. But as the kids get older (and louder, and faster), it’s become more and more apparent that we need some more room.

I went to class last Friday and kind of vented about it all to my language tutor, him confirming the fact that it could be pretty difficult to find a house to rent here in Hungary, since most renters are limited to apartments. Most houses here are inherited and passed down within families or simply built. Well we are nowhere near able to buy or build at this point in our lives, so our only hope is to find a house to rent, however unlikely that may be. Later that evening though, my tutor messaged me saying he’d actually found a few rental options for houses and sent me some links to look at.

I clicked on the first one, as it really caught my eye, and it was perfect! I showed it to Taylor, and our language tutor helped us set up an appointment to view it the next evening. “This seems too good to be true”, I kept telling myself. But the photos really looked pretty great. And when we went to see it the next day, it was even better than in the photos! It is the same exact rent we pay now, but is three times the size of our current apartment. It has a lovely backyard/garden that you could fit our entire current apartment into actually. It’s two stories and has a basement too. Three bedrooms. And a huge kitchen and living room, and so many big windows and natural light. It’s honestly just so lovely. We decided to think about it overnight, just to make sure we weren’t jumping into anything though. I mean, the first one on website! The first place we visited!

Our soon-to-be home! Built in the townhouse/rowhouse style, so it shares walls with our neighbours on either side.

We went home super excited, having already really decided in our hearts, and went to have our tutor call back the next day (the realtor only spoke Hungarian), but shockingly we found out that instead of holding the place for us like he promised, the realtor was at that very moment showing another family the home! We were obviously so upset and really disturbed that he would do that, and had to spend a tense couple of hours waiting to hear back from him if they would take it or not. Clearly not the most ethical or considerate guy out there. He called back though and thankfully had the news that the other family was undecided. He said that if we showed up within 20 minutes with the deposit, the place was ours. So Taylor rushed down there as fast as possible, after getting a taxi because our car wasn’t working, and picking up our tutor again for translation, and having his parents meet him there with the money to save some time. Weird experience overall, but the place is locked in now, and we move in less than two weeks!

Our actual landlord seems like a really nice lady too, and we can’t wait for this big transition and change for our family. I wish I had some good photos to share, but decided to wait until we’ve actually got the place and have it fixed up first. It’s the sweetest home, though, and it’s only a couple minutes walk from a bakery and a year-round produce stand too! It’s also just a few minutes walk from some of our Hungarian teammates who have kids as well, so we’re just super excited about our big move coming up! Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare and transition over. We are overwhelmed at how God has blessed us and provided. We thought having a bigger space was likely years away. I’m still just stunned at how quickly this is all coming together!

Other than that this month, we’ve just been chugging  along in our language studies and enjoying the last bits of summertime as the weather is starting to turn cooler. I also released my Little Woodlanders series on the season of Summertime, in case you missed it!

Margot and I had our birthdays this month too, her turning 3 years old and me turning 9 times that! I wrote the following to her on her birthday, just celebrating who she is…

“Our Margot Primrose, now another year spent with you. I stayed up until midnight last night decorating, wrapping gifts, and baking your spelt-honey cake just to surprise you when you woke up. And I sang happy birthday in your ear as we snuggled in bed this morning, and then watched you prance around throughout today as we celebrated YOU. I can scarcely remember life before you, or imagine a life without your goofy, strong-willed, intense presence now. You are one of the most unique little souls I’ve ever met. A force to be reckoned with, a fierce little one, a daily joy and inspiration. You love reading and art, you love your own quiet little spaces, and being wild and free and exhilaratingly loud in larger ones too. You love pickles and banana chips, trucks and bugs, babies and tea parties, and animals and umbrellas. You love letting us know what you’ve been “hinking about”. You’re quickly learning a second language too! (So very, very proud.) You’re beautiful, quick, strong, and a genius. You can’t be slowed down, not even for sleeping. Nothing is stopping you in this life, and I try my best daily to let you be all that you are, to your fullest. I love seeing who you are becoming just unfolding each day. And I dearly thank God for you. 💜 Happy Birthday, my little love!”

Spelt-Honey Cake…. Delicious! Don’t worry, this recipe will be on the blog soon too. ;)
Sad that I was taking too long getting everything ready, haha.
Blowing out her birthday candle

Margot had seen all the preparation for Cassian’s birthday last month, and this year has a much larger grasp on the concept of birthday parties and waiting for an event to come up. So she had been excited for weeks beforehand, and I wanted everything ready for the day of her birthday, to surprise her when she woke up in the morning. She was a delight as she danced through the day, going to church since it was Sunday, and having the congregation sing her “Jesus Loves You” in Hungarian, and then coming home for a big lunch with Nada and Granddad. She opened presents, but I think most of all she enjoyed the birthday cake. She devoured it in its entirety after we sang her Happy Birthday. She then attempted to stick her birthday candle in another big slice of cake and eat that one too, all while giving me the side-eye to see if I was noticing or not! haha. She cracks me up.

Dig in!

This month we also did a bit of traveling, heading down to Croatia where we are getting really connected with the Protestant Reformed Church of Croatia there.

This also gave us the opportunity to see some of our dear friends and teammates from the Netherlands, seeing their home in Croatia for the first time since moving back here, and enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal together. We’ve been unable to travel for the last few months as we waited for our visas to arrive, and then had issues with our borrowed car. So it was a wonderful, encouraging time connecting with another church and spending time with teammates.

It was fun too, because this was another stamp in Cassian’s passport! Three total countries now, and only having just turned one year old. Little world traveler!

Well, this was a hastily thrown together journal for the month of September. Despite its shortcomings, I hope you all enjoy keeping up with us, and… yes…. I am totally blanking on how to close this. I think I’ll just do this very unceremoniously and say “bye now”, and go blow my nose again and head to bed.

Love & Blessings,




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