(quick & easy) Sweet Potato Bites

This recipe is so ridiculously easy, I almost didn’t even bother blogging it. But it makes an absolutely delicious meal, and we all need quick and easy meals some days, and let’s be honest, those are usually the days we especially need a delicious meal too. So here we are. It may clock in as one of the shortest, simplest recipes I ever blog, but don’t let that keep you from trying it out! Also, the recipe below serves two, but is easily adaptable for more or less.


  • 3-4 sweet potatoes
  • 5-6 cherry tomatoes
  • 1 avocado
  • hummus
  • seasoning of choice


  • Preheat oven to 400°F, or, 200°C.
  • Slice sweet potatoes into disks, and place onto lightly oiled baking sheet (I like to use coconut oil, personally).
  • Roast in oven for 10-15 minutes, then flip over and roast for another 10 minutes.
All finished roasting!
  • Slice tomatoes and avocado.
  • Spread a spoonful of hummus onto each slice of sweet potatoes, and top with tomatoes and avocado.
  • Sprinkle with any variety of spices you like. Some of our favourites are: himalayan salt, black pepper, cilantro, oregano, paprika, parsley, & dried garlic. We also have several of those different blends of salt & spice grinders: Greek, Italian, etc. Those make things even easier.
  • Also, play around with different kinds of hummus flavours too! Lots of ways to keep this recipe fresh and different. Enjoy!


Author: helen.wildrose

Christian • Herbalist • Writer • INFJ

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