Hello! I’m Helen Rose… a Christian, Wife & Mother, Herbalist, INFJ, and an avid tea-drinker and book-reader. I live alongside a quiet stretch of Hungarian woodlands with my husband and small daughter and son, where we live and work in ministry to Roma Gypsies.

I’m a deeply introverted person who best finds her voice in writing. Leaves in My Hair is simply a writing space for me to share about some of the topics I am most passionate about. I usually write in a journaling style, weaving together my words and photos, just sharing our experiences together and my thoughts on things. I crave authenticity and a slowing down in life, living in rhythm with the natural world and the pursuit of simply being still before God.

I write purely for the love of it. I’m possibly one of the worst bloggers out there, because I’m a bit inconsistent and sporadic, only writing when I truly feel inspired. I rarely ever check stats. I don’t have any ways I am trying to make money here. I just love to write and to share what I experience, learn, and know to be true. My greatest joy and fulfillment is found in knowing that something I wrote resonated deeply with someone who happened to read it. I hope that one of those people is you!