Autumn Walks & Other Clichés: a Reflection in Marriage

Taylor and I were able to slip away for a walk all alone a few weeks ago, right at the height of autumnal glory. What I lovingly refer to as “peak week”. Right when the whole world is ablaze with that fiery glow of autumn leaves burning brightly before they fall to their slow death on the forest floor below. I feel an exhilaration deep down in my soul during this short, but intense season. The seeming light of the very leaves permeates me down to my very bones, filling a sacred void inside me that craves such unparalleled beauty. Getting away with my husband to experience this together was one of my favourite moments this past year. Autumn always puts me in a deep state of reflection too. Something I’ve been contemplating over the course of this past autumn season is Taylor and my relationship. Continue reading “Autumn Walks & Other Clichés: a Reflection in Marriage”


Celebrating St. Nicholas Day

This is our first St. Nicholas Day Celebration together as a family! It’s extremely common to celebrate this saint day all throughout Europe, even being the main gift-giving holiday during December in many areas. It is typically celebrated on December 5th or 6th in this part of the world, and I’ve been so looking forward to starting our own traditions together for this special day. Continue reading “Celebrating St. Nicholas Day”

One Early Morning in November

We woke up early that morning. It was a Saturday morning, which means nothing in particular when your kids are as little as this. Weekend or not, they rise when they wish.

“Helen, look outside.” my husband told me as he headed downstairs to let our dog Twig out. I lazily slid out of bed and crossed the room to pull back our thick, grey curtains which are supposed to block out all sunlight, giving me empty promises about my kids sleeping in later. I was greeted by the soft, cottony glow of sunrise through a fog descending upon our neighbourhood. My eyes widened in delight, and I felt a surprising spring in my step as I whirled around and called after Taylor, “Babe, let’s go on a foggy walk in the woods together!”  Continue reading “One Early Morning in November”

Beeswax-dipped Autumn Leaves

I remember the first time I saw beeswax-dipped autumn leaves, totally struck by the well known glory of those autumn colours so beautifully preserved. Perfection! Beeswax offers such a subtle protection for delicate, dying leaves, which would normally crumble and fully brown within a day or two. Instead, they can be carefully encased in a thin layer of beeswax, preserved within for up to several weeks. Their beauty and vivid colour can then be admired for much longer than we would normally be allowed. Read on to join us in our little forest adventure gathering leaves and taking them home to show you how to preserve them in beeswax and hang as a beautiful autumn garland! Continue reading “Beeswax-dipped Autumn Leaves”

October Journal

This month brought about so much change for us. If you’ve been keeping up with us, you’ll likely have heard that we were blessed with the opportunity to move into a house unexpectedly, so our month has been busy with sudden packing and moving, and doing our best to settle in once more. I’m not sure I’ll have tons to say in this journal, because honestly I’m just exhausted and not feeling terribly inspired at the moment, but I can promise the usual: lots of photos… So do read on! Continue reading “October Journal”